How To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home…

When the time arrives to sell their house, most savvy homeowners focus on ‘curb appeal’. They paint the trim, prune the shrubs and trees, and fix up the front door. The reason – it adds value by making the house look nicer and well cared for. Until…

…the prospective buyer arrives in the garage.

While some of the junk may have been cleared out and the floor swept, most homeowners neglect the basic step of painting the floor with a fresh coat of epoxy garage floor paint.

Most garage floors are an oil-stained mess. But, with a little effort, you can make them look like a luxury auto showroom. The cost of the paint is very reasonable and the average homeowner will posses the required skills to do the project.

The main concerns will be to remove oil stains and other fluids that have penetrated the surface. Next, it is important to remove the remnants of any previous paint. Cracks and divets should be repaired and the surface etched in preparation of the final paint coating.

It may be tempting to finish the work by applying a simple concrete floor paint, but don’t give in. No exotic car showroom puts that junk on their floors because it just doesn’t work. A garage floor needs the protection provided by a two-part epoxy floor paint that creates a chemically cured finish. Epoxies are tougher than an air-drying paint and they simply look better too.

Once the epoxy paint has dried on the floor of your garage, clean and paint the rest of your garage.

If the walls of your garage have been finished with drywall or another solid surface, put a fresh coat of paint on the entire garage (and don’t forget the ceiling.) A durable finish paint applied with standard interior equipment will work.

If your garage walls are unfinished, you have two options. First, hang drywall in the garage yourself and paint (this is exactly what my brother did.) The other is to use an airless sprayer like a Wagner Power Painter to paint the wall cavities.

The airless sprayer will allow you to get into all the nooks-and-crannies of the wall without spending tedious hours holding a brush.

It’s best to stick with light colors to create a sense of openness and cleanliness. Just be sure to cover your new floor and anything that needs protection from the very light overspray created by the airless spray gun.

A clean garage is a jewel in the crown of a valuable home. The cost of materials and time is far outweighed by the added value created.





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