Epoxy Garage Floor Paint

Your garage floor takes a lot of abuse and a high quality epoxy garage floor paint can keep it performing at its best for years to come.

Think about what happens to your garage floor on a daily basis. You drive over it with your car, which probably drips all kinds of oils and fluids onto it over the years – not to mention the snow and road salt that melt off your car in the winter time.

You tromp in and out of your garage day-after-day with muddy shoes and boots. You drag dirty lawn mowers and yard tools into it. And, you probably store all kinds of paints, chemicals, and other noxious stuff (like your garbage) out there too!

Sealing and protecting the concrete floor in your garage is essential. Because, once it’s damaged, it can be nearly impossible to repair.

Standard household paints are not going to get the job done.  Latex paints and even oil-based enamels are just not tough enough to stand up to the kind of abuse a garage floor gets. The only type of paint that will do is an epoxy paint.

Epoxy paints come in 2 parts – a resin and a hardener.  When mixed together, they undergo a chemical reaction which creates an extremely tough protective coating with excellent hardness, and good mar and abrasion resistance.

Equally important for a successful garage floor paint job is properly preparing the concrete surface before painting. The best epoxy paints will fail if they do not bond well to the concrete due to dirt, oil, water, or other materials that are not removed before  the application of the epoxy paints.


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